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State jobs won't be filled without DOA approval

Madison (WKOW) -- from WI State Gov't:  Department of Administration Secretary Michael Morgan announced Friday a new centralized process to fill any state agency position, as a result of the impact of the national economic crisis on state finances.

  "With the increased pressure on the state budget from a slumping national economy," Secretary Morgan told state agencies, "Governor Doyle has directed me to serve as the review and approval authority for all state agency staffing actions."

  Secretary Morgan told state agencies in a letter Friday that that no job offers should be extended and that all positions currently in the recruitment stage will be reviewed under the new process. 

  The University of Wisconsin System, State Courts and the Legislature are not included in the centralized position approval process.

  "This process is a responsible approach to fill those positions that are critical to providing necessary services and protection to the citizens of this state and a direct result of the continued worsening of our national economy."

  A letter sent to state agencies spells out a process for submitting and tracking positions that agencies need to fill because they are critical to the successful operation of the agency. 

  The requests will be reviewed on a weekly basis to help expedite the hiring process for those critical state positions.

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