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Fans protest use of taser at Camp Randall


MADISON (WKOW) -- Brent Perzentka is one of more than two dozen Badger fans who have signed a statement of protest to the police handling of a dispute with a season ticket holder, which included an officer using a taser on the woman.

"It was pretty frightening,"  Perzentka told 27 News of the Oct. 11 incident in the stadium's section U during the Badgers game with Penn State.

Perzentka said Margaret Hiebing, 54, was sitting in an aisle, unable to get to her seat during the start of the game.   Perzentka said a responding officer's actions were too forceful.   "It appeared the officer was the aggressor."

"I actually pictured my parents who've had season tickets for 39 years and they sit on the aisle as well, and there's a chance in games where they have trouble getting to their seats."

Perzentka said he and other eyewitnesses agreed on events, but were never interviewed by any police officials.   "Most of us in the section were pleading with the officer, and then the responding officers to stop.   (Hiebing) didn't do anything wrong."

UW police sergeant Jason Whitney declined comment to 27 News, citing an ongoing investigation.   In a Oct. 13 Capital Times report, Whitney was quoted that Hiebing and her husband, Roman, who also attended the game, were sober; that stadium guest services failed to respond to section U to clear up the confusion over seating; and that Hiebing was ejected because of stadium policy on being in Camp Randall's aisles.

The report also quoted Whitney that the taser was used on Hiebing as she kicked and screamed in reaction to being placed in handcuffs.

Hiebing declined comment to 27 News.

UW records show Hiebing and her husband have donated nearly $5,000 to Badger athletics since 2006.   UW Associate Athletic Director Vince Sweeney told 27 News the handling of what happened is under review, and Hiebing's ejection has not led to a warning letter or revocation of her season ticket.

An official with the Dane County District Attorney's office said Hiebing and her husband are scheduled to appear in court November 3 to face possible criminal charges.



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