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DOC warns sex offenders to behave on Halloween

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Department of Corrections wants to make sure trick or treaters don't accidently knock on the wrong doors this Halloween.

It's taking steps to protect children from sex offenders next week. The department says it's never had a problem with sex offenders on Halloween before, but it wants to stay proactive to keep it that way.

The DOC will be going around with local law enforcement to make sure offenders are lying low that night.

"We tell them to stay home, keep their porch lights off they can't give and indication in their yard that they're participating in any halloween or trick or treating activities," explained Melissa Roberts, DOC director of sex offender programs.

The department says parents should also go online to find out if there are any sex offenders living nearby.

Many parents say they aren't too worried about sex offenders on Halloween, but they have checked the internet to know what houses to avoid.

"You can look at the map and there are sex offenders in Madison," said Michele Miller Hayes, a Madison parent. "I guess it's not a big concern for me because my kids aren't going out alone. We're going to be with them at every... I mean we probably won't go to every door, but we'll be at every drive way."

Roberts added, "It's intended to be a good time for kids and it should be and we want to make sure they're practicing protective behaviors."

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