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Remembering a childhood hero

Madison (WKOW) -- Each of us remembers that one special person who influenced us on our way through school.

  At Our Lady Queen of Peace in Madison, that person is Principal Steve Bolser, who is suddenly faced with brain cancer.

  Everyone is helping do what they can.

  Joe LaBarbera shows us why Steve Bolser really is someone you should know.

  The fundraising book fair at Our Lady Queen of Peace school reflects two of the most important lessons its principal shares with young people:  place a personal emphasis on reading and become an ambassador of community service.

  Get involved and do good.

  If you can, do better.

  Right now, nobody comes close to doing more for students or the community than Steve Bolser.

  Bolser has been principal here for 16 years.

  Right now, his chair is empty at Our Lady Queen of Peace school while he battles brain cancer.

  Principal Bolser is a recognized community leader - someone who lives his faith at home, work and in the community, acting a positive role for everyone.

  Colleen Penwell of Catholic Charities said, "and Steve Bolzer has done that for you know, now decades."

  So Catholic Charities looked at him as just the wonderful example of somebody who embodies that.

  Principal bolser is big on community service, encouraging students to help those who need it most.

  Little did he know one day, he would be the one needing the help, and everyone here is stepping up.

  Monsignor Ken Fiedler said, "people immediately surfaced. They provided meals three times a week for the family.  High school students mowed the lawn. There's a group that helped fix up the basement.  And now the big fundraiser."


  These students are decorating a big tie drawing attention to the event.

  They know Principal Bolser has been helping them for years.

  Now it's their turn to step up and do good, just as he would.

  Peter Culver, one student, said, "he was just always really good and spontaneous because he always had about let's see, between 50 and 75 ties like tacked up on his wall at least 15 of them featuring snoopy."

  And dozens of others filled with the same character Principal Bolser shares with the kids.

  Many of those ties still hang in his office, waiting for his return.

  On a wall outside his office, paper ties.

  Each one bought by a student, parent or faculty member to raise money for medical bills.

  All for a man filled with character.

  Maura Drabik, another student, added, "for Market Day, we were selling pies and if we could sell like over a number of pies, he would shave his head and we sold that so then he shaved his head. And then one year he also dressed up as a clown for that. So he just always knew how to get the shool involved."

  Now everyone is involved in more than his life, they are invlolved in his battle to keep it.

  A battle they all believe can be won.

  Bolserpalooza was Saturday and exceptionally successful.

  While Principal Bolzer is going through a very tough time right now, his students are hoping he'll be back soon.

  Parents and staff are hoping support and prayers will make that hope a reality.

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