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Political ground game in Wisconsin

This volunteer for the John McCain campaign went door to door in Madison on Friday. This volunteer for the John McCain campaign went door to door in Madison on Friday.

In the Madison area, the presidential polls on Wisconsin and their double digit gaps between candidates have not created complacency or caused resignation among the volunteers for either campaign.

Whether for Barack Obama or John McCain, everyone from teenagers to retirees have been  handing out yard signs, assembling materials for door-to-door canvassing, and recruiting family and friends to join the volunteer armies.

At the local Obama headquarters on Madison's Monroe street, the rotation of in-coming and out-going volunteers seems to be constant.

A group of teenage Obama volunteers knocked on doors in a near west side neighborhood, trying to get out the vote.   None of the volunteers was voting age.

"It almost makes it more important that we can't vote because we have to have our voice heard in some way,"  Dianna Amasino, 17 and a high school senior, told 27 News.   "That's why by canvassing, going out and talking to the people, we're making sure of that voice."

At McCain Madison area headquarters in Fitchburg, volunteer Judy Wenger, a retired art historian, has been putting in eight hour days on the phones, urging undecided voters to consider her candidate.   "They've been very happy to listen.   In some cases, I've followed up and actually taken literature to their homes."

At both campaigns in the Madison area, the political ground games appear impressive, gearing up for the final days, and hours, until polls close November 4.

The vision of your candidate getting elected keeps volunteers going.  So do small incentives.   Example:  make 500 calls to voters, and earn a fleece with a John McCain monogram.

At one campaign headquarters, with volunteers getting so absorbed in their stretch run work, there's a reminder sign: Don't forget to vote yourself.



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