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Cocaine found at Milton Middle School

Milton (WKOW) -- from Milton PD:  The Milton Police Department is currently conducting an active investigation into found property that was recovered at Milton Middle School in October. 

  The item, upon it being recovered by school district officials was immediately reported to and turned over to the Milton Police Department.  

  The item recovered did not and does not currently pose any sort of threat to student or staff safety.

  Upon inventory and analysis of the found property located in the Milton Middle School, the item recovered was found to contain content items that included what was positively identified as just over 2 grams of Cocaine. 

  The item in which the illegal drug was recovered in did not have any personal identifying information in it. 

  The investigation to date has included multiple interviews being conducted with over 30 staff members and administrators at Milton Middle School. 

  Administration and staff from Milton Middle School have been and continue to be cooperative with police during this on-going criminal investigation.

  In an effort to determine the owner of the property, the Milton Police Department is working in conjunction with the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice State Crime Lab. 

  Physical evidence found on items recovered may be able to lead to the positive identification of a suspect in this investigation. 

  Part of the investigative process involves the collection of DNA samples and DNA analysis from items recovered along with the illegal drugs that were recovered.

  In an effort to eliminate individuals as potential suspects in the investigation, the police department has sought and continues to seek voluntary cooperation from individuals who had access to the location where the item was recovered. 

  These requests for continued cooperation have included voluntary DNA sample collection. 

  No one has been identified as a suspect, and no one has been required to participate in questioning or submission of DNA samples.

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