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Green County Sheriff discovers murder victim's double life

York (WKOW) -- from Green County Sheriff's Department:  On  Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 38-year-old Mark C. Tobin was found deceased at his residence located at W7574 STH 39 in York Township.

  Tobin was the victim of a homicide.

  Since that time, Green County Sheriff's Department detectives and the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation have been continuing their investigation into Tobin's death.

  As of today, nobody is in custody in connection with Mark Tobin's death.

  It has previously been released that detectives believe that Tobin's death was drug related.

  On October 29, 1993, Mark Tobin was sentenced to one year in prison for being a party to the crime of manufacturing marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. 

  He was released on parole in July of 1994. 

  He resided in a number of different communities until he purchased the rural property in Green County in 2002. 

  Mr. Tobin had the home extensively remodeled and constructed a two-story garage on the property next to his home. 

  He apparently had few local acquaintances and was described as being very secretive and not allowing anyone, even his family, to enter the two-story garage that he had erected. 

  He had few visitors that people knew of and the conversations with those visitors were reportedly held in secret.

  During the investigation into Mr. Tobin's death, law enforcement discovered a highly sophisticated, large-scale indoor marijuana growing operation inside of the two-story garage.

  Hundreds of marijuana plants in different stages of grown were seized from the garage as well as a quantity of processed marijuana. 

  Lighting and growing equipment, packaging, storage and equipment used to power the growing operation were also seized. 

  Essentially, Mark Tobin had two lives; one which involved his family and small circle of social acquaintances and the other, his contacts that were involved or had knowledge of his marijuana growing operation and the distribution network. 

  Identifying the latter group has proved to be a challenge and persons that have been identified have generally been less than forthcoming.

  In April of 2008, the family of Mark C. Tobin announced that they were offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the death of Mark Tobin. 

  Thus far, that reward has not led to an arrest but it remains in effect.

  The search warrant issued in connection with this case remains sealed, as detectives believe that releasing the details of the crime scene would compromise the investigation. 

  Detectives continue to evaluate evidence, reports from the Wisconsin State Crime Lab and records seized during the investigation.

  Anyone who has information on the homicide of Mark C. Tobin can contact the Green County Sheriff's Department at (608)328-9400 or if they wish to remain anonymous, Green County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-7463.

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