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Fewer opportunities for seasonal workers in Rock County


JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- The holiday season could be far less jolly than usual for seasonal workers.

The owner of Fudglie's Buttercream in Janesville says she and many business owners are hunkering down for could be a tough holiday season.

"I'm kind of cautious about the holidays. You know, things have slowed down a little bit, but actually our corporate orders have been coming in and candy is in pretty high demand over the holidays. So I think we will be doing okay and I think we'll be hiring one or two extra people to help out," explained Gayle Bickle.

Some businesses say they aren't hiring because they don't know what to expect, while others are already going through rough times.

"People are ready to close their businesses or relocate to cheaper rents," explained Bickle.

Other businesses, like Blain's Farm and Fleet, have streamlined their operations, so they don't need extra workers for the holidays. Also, with the current ecomonic state, Farm and Fleet has noticed much less turnover lately.

"Sometimes if you find yourself on the short end of an employment in the forth quarter, that's when you can't be low, then we have to in the past bring in seasonal, but fortunately we haven't had to do that," said Art Dibble, Farm and Fleet's recruiting specialist.

Other stores that typically hire seasonal help for the holidays, like Brandy's Hallmark, don't want to take the risk this year.

Bickle explained "I've talked to a couple different (retailers) and they're not quite sure what's going to happen over the holidays. We're just waiting to see. Now that the election's over maybe things will change."

The Rock County Job Center says it usually sees employers hiring seasonal help at this point in the year.

"It's still early in November, but November and December is your seasonal season and we just haven't seen that increase," stated Charles Jones, Rock County Job Center.

Businesses like Fudglie's Buttercream say they usually need help the most in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

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