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Grant Co. Sheriff receives grant for safety belt enforcement

Lancaster (WKOW) -- from Grant Co. Sheriff:  The Grant County Sheriff's Department will receive a twelve thousand dollar grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Safety for intensified safety belt enforcement.

  The funds may be used to pay for officers' overtime and to purchase new equipment for improved safety belt enforcement.

  The project is to begin in November.

  Because of more stringent law enforcement, safety belt use is now at an all-time high in Wisconsin with three out of four people buckling up.

  However, the state's safety belt use lags behind the national average of 82 percent as well as neighboring states Illinois and Michigan with safety belt use rates of more than 90 percent.

  "Our safety belt enforcement goal is not to write more tickets, but to save lives and prevent serious injuries," says Sergeant Brian Bierman.  "We hope that people will voluntarily buckle up every time they drive or ride in a vehicle.  But if voluntary compliance fails, we're fully prepared to take the appropriate enforcement action.  All too often at a crash scene, our officers see critically injured adults and children taken to a hospital - or even more tragic, because they were not buckled up.  Consistent safety belt use is the single most effective protection against being ejected from a vehicle or thrown around violently inside it during a crash.  That's why we're so serious about safety belt enforcement."

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