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Man arrested at Madison bar after alleged struggle with knife

Madison (WKOW) -- from Madison PD:  Late Friday afternoon, Madison Police arrested a 53-year old man who had just used a knife to threaten employees of a University Avenue bar.

  The disturbance started when police say Marvin A. Pierce grabbed the arm of a female bartender.

  Bar staff assessed him to be drunk and uncooperative.

  Two male employees asked Pierce multiple times to leave.

  They say he yelled and spoke gibberish, so they decided to lead him out of the bar.

  Once Pierce was outside, they say they saw him pull a folding knife out of a pocket.

  Pierce allegedly opened it up, and started making threats.

  The two male employees used all of their collective weight to keep the bar's exterior door shut as Pierce tried to pull it open.

  Police say he was using his left hand to yank on the door while making stabbing motions with the knife, which he clutched in his right hand.

  Both victims feared they would be stabbed if they failed to keep the door closed.

  Earlier in the afternoon a Madison Police officer had words with Pierce as he yelled at State Street passersby.

  Police say he has been arrested multiple times downtown in recent months.

  One encounter with police was for another knife incident.

  On October 11, 2008, police say Pierce pulled a knife at Peace Park during a dispute with another man of no permanent address.

  They were quarreling over a cigarette.

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