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UPDATE: Judge sentences Portage abuser & murderer, Candice Clark, to 55 years


UPDATE (5:11PM) Madison (WKOW) -- Six hours of graphic testimony from the team of doctors treating the 11-year-old boy found beaten, burned and nearly starved to death in a Portage house in July of 2007.

"His face was sunken in and you could see bones protruding."

"He has difficulty sleeping."

"This case is by far the worst case of child abuse I've ever seen in a child still living."

Suspect 24-year-old Candice Clark sat silently - her defense trying to paint her as suspect Michael Sisk's battered girlfriend... who recently found God.

"She had a huge amount of regret, there were a lot of tears", Jail Pastor Bonnie Zeman said.

But, her victims showed no forgiveness in statements read for them by the prosecution.

"Candice is not a nice person and hurt me even though I am not her child."

"Candice you are a monster, you killed my mom and almost killed my brother"

Clark admitted her involvement in the brutal murder of Tammy Garlin and torture of her children in a statement read by the defense.

"I am not denying some of my actions and I take full responsibility."

Columbia County judge Allen White sentenced Clark to seven felony counts... including second degree reckless homicide and one count of mayhem for disfiguring the young boy...worse than what Judge White says happened to holocaust victims in concentration camps.


Madison (WKOW) -- One person was sentenced today to 55 years in prison in the Portage murder and torture case.

After six and a half hours of testimony at her sentencing hearing, Candice Clark received 55 years in prison with a potential for supervised early release from the judge.

The sentence was after a plea deal on a number of charges:

Party to second degree reckless homicide


Child enticement

Physical abuse to a child

Mental harm to a child

False imprisonment

Intent to commit to delinquency of a minor

Michaela Clerc, Candice Clark, and Michael Sisk were charged with severely abusing an 11-year-old boy as well as killing his mother and burying her in the backyard of the home they rented in Portage.

In June 2007, police went to the home in Portage looking for a missing toddler from Florida.

Inside the home, they found Clerc, Clark, a 16-year-old girl, and three smaller children.

Inside a locked closet, investigators found the 11-year-old boy.

The abuse inflicted on him included hot water thrown on him that severely damaged his skin, as well as beatings with electrical cords and little to no food given to him.

He was forced to sleep naked in the closet.

His mother's body was found buried in the backyard.

Originally, the 16-year-old girl, who is the older sister to the abused child as well as the daughter of the woman murdered and buried, was charged in the crimes as an adult, but her case was moved to juvenile court.

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