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UPDATE: Shooting spree suspect admits to murders in Iowa Co. Criminal Complaint


UPDATE 11/11/08 - Iowa County (WKOW) -- Late Tuesday, authorities in Iowa County filed a criminal complaint against accused killer Charles Witzel.

In it, investigators say Witzel confessed to both the fatal shooting in Cross Plains, and one a week later, in Mineral Point.

Witzel appeared in Dane County Court Tuesday in connection to the killing of Craig Severson, and the wounding of Lisa Morgan.

In the court documents filed Wednesday, authorities say Witzel, while a fugitive, hid in a Mineral Point home before killing Craig Finley, and wounding his brother, Casey.

Police say Witzel surrendered a short time later and confessed to shooting the Finleys as well as Severson and Morgan - all with the same gun.

Authorities say all the victims have a connection to Witzel's former girlfriend and say, jealously drove Witzel's alleged violence.


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- A Dane County court commissioner set accused killer Charles Witzel's bail at $1 million.

Authorities charged Witzel with the murder of Craig Severson and the shooting of Severson's fiancee, Lisa Morgan, in Cross Plains on halloween.  

Several times, Witzel ignored his attorney and spoke directy to the commissioner, indicating he wanted to waive his right to a hearing on whether probable cause exists that he killed Severson and wounded Morgan.   Witzel also indicated he wanted to plead guilty, but after brief, private conversations in the courtroom with assistant state public defender Arnold Cohen, no guilty plea was entered, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Nov. 18.

A prosecutor argued Witzel's bail deserved to be at least $1 million because he was a flight risk and potentially had access to large amounts of drug money.   Witzel was the subject of a nationwide manhunt from Oct. 31 until he surrendered to officers at a WalMart in Mineral Point Nov. 7.

Authorities said Witzel is expected to also face a homicide charge and other charges in Iowa County in connection to last week's killing of Craig Finley and the wounding of his brother, Casey.

"I watched (him) die,"   Casey Finley told 27 News.   Casey Finley is in a relationship with Witzel's former girlfriend, Joan Haglund.   Authorities said Haglund had moved from the home she shared with the Finleys while Witzel was a fugitive.   Authorities said the Finleys told officers they were okay without the security, after they had allowed several days of law enforcement surveillance of the home.

Authorities said all the victims have some connection to Haglund.   Authorities said jealously fueled Witzel's alleged violence.

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