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Big day for anglers

Madison (WKOW) -- from Capital City Chapter Muskies, Inc.:  The Capital City Chapter of Muskies, Inc. announced Wednesday the stocking of muskies as part of the ongoing research in Madison area lakes. 

  At least 500 unique Muskie fingerlings from Leech Lake, Minnesota will be introduced into Madison waters Thursday at the Olin Park boat launch. 

  Longevity and growth rates of these fish will be compared to Wisconsin strain muskie fingerlings that have been introduced and specially identified in the Madison waters earlier this year. 

  The purpose of this research is to determine which of two different strains of Muskies is better able to grow here in Madison waters. 

  There is no known or documented natural reproduction of Muskies in Madison area lakes. 

  People studying the lakes believe that all muskies in the Madison Lakes have been stocked.

  Muskies stocked in the Madison area lakes in the past were derived from Northern Wisconsin waters. 

  The Leech Lake, Minnesota strain, according to some muskie experts, may result in bigger, stronger and higher quality muskie populations. 

  This research project will result in a thorough and comprehensive multi-year experiment comparing the results. 

  State of the art passive-integrated-transponders (P.I.T.) will be implanted in many of these fish to provide highly reliable long-term tracking information and to assist in data collection for the evaluation. 

  This is the fourth year of the five year project which is being conducted under the supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

  University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point fisheries geneticists will be involved in this research project. 

  Members of the Capital City Chapter of Muskies Inc., Oregon Muskybusters, Flatlanders Chapter of Muskies Inc., Yahara Fishing Club, the Janesville Blackhawk Muskie Club, and the Muskie Alliance of Wisconsin have provided generous financial and other assistance with this project.

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