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Stopping foreclosures in southern Wisconsin


JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure in southern Wisconsin are finding relief in loan modifications.

Rightway Solutions specializes in loan modifications and says it's picking up five to ten new clients every week. That's just a fraction of the number of homeowners facing foreclosure in the area. Over the last two weeks, 95 homes went into foreclosure in Janesville alone.

Rightway Solutions says it's had a lot of success with loan modifications.

"We haven't been able to not help anybody. So we've helped every client that has walked into our office," boosted Bob Marciulis, a modification specialist.

Carolina Mayans and her family are among the company's big success stories. Carolina's husband was sick for a year with hepititis c and she was diagnosed with cancer when their home went into foreclosure.

"Everything was going too fast, and dealing with the foreclosure and everything," expressed Carolina.

Rightway was able to make the loan modification, and the family is back in their Fort Atkinson home.

"They said they were going to help, so and save our home. So we're going to be here a little longer than we expected," said Carolina, choking up.

Part of the reason Rightway has been so successful is lenders don't want real estate, they want money.

"They don't want the houses. They want to do whatever they can to help the consumer," explained Marciulis. That means Rightway is able to negotiate lower interest rates, and turn ARMs into fixed rate mortgages.

Rightway's owner, Mary Gorniak, says her company actually used to be a mortgage company. However the demand for loan modifications is so high, she changed the company's mission back in March. Gorniak says she finds loan modification much more rewarding.

"There are so many people out there that are losing their houses and they have to go to work and they can't deal with their problems and that's where we come in to help them," explained Gorniak.

One client summed up her feelings on Gorniak and Marciulis, "They're angels! They are complete angels."

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