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Gun sales soar across country

Thunder Shooting Supplies in Milton on Saturday Thunder Shooting Supplies in Milton on Saturday

MILTON (WKOW) -- In spite of a sluggish economy, one industry is booming.   The firearms industry.

The election, gun and ammo sales have been through the roof.    Many people say they're are afraid president-elect Barack Obama will reinstate laws from the Clinton Administration restricting firearm sales.

Gun rights advocates are particularly worried about things like collapsible stocks, high capacity magazines, and semi-automatic weapons, which include most pistols.   At the moment, however, these are all just rumors.

"I think it's going to kind of backfire on democrats if that's the idea, because people that ordinarily wouldn't buy rifles like that are buying them now, because it's just human nature.   If someone says I can't have something well now i want it," said Mark Zimmerman, Thunder Shooting Supplies.

Now you might not experience a mad rush for guns and ammo here in Wisconsin that you're seeing in other parts of the country, but that won't make it any easier to get those items.

That's because the suppliers are running out.

"The morning after the election, one distributor i talked to, they had ten thousand rounds- or ten thousand cases of .223 ammo and in a half hour it was all gone," said Reno Garthwaite, the owner of Thunder Shooting Supplies.

Gun advocates say if obama were to reinstate laws from the clinton administration, it should not affect shotgun deer hunting, but could still impact rifle deer hunting.

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