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Parents learn how to prevent their kids from playing a potentially deadly game


Madison (WKOW) -- Parents of Madison middle and high school students gathered at Sennett Middle School to learn about a dangerous trend among kids.

It's called the choking game. Kids actually choke themselves or each other until they pass out to get a brief rush or a high.

Parents listened to a presentation put on by Dane County Sheriff's Deputies. They watched videos showing what the choking game looks like and the deadly consequences it can have.

Parents we spoke with say they want to learn as much as they can to prevent their kids from playing this dangerous game.

"I know at this point my son doesn't understand the effects of his actions. I want to prevent something before it happens," says parent Ellen Mack.

"It can cause brain damage and kids can die from it and i don't want that happening to my son," says Tonia Schultz whose son goes to Sennette.

"I hope she'll make good choices because its ultimately up to the students you cant be around them 24-7," says parent Jim Kusuda.

"If they know that you know and that you care then they would more than likely not do that behavior," Laura Hunt.

Deputies say signs to look for include bruises on kids necks and blood shot eyes. Also look for belts or shoe strings tied to furniture.

The choking game- is also known by the names space monkey and air planing.

Deputies want parents to have all of the information they can so if they hear about the game or see any signs they are aware of what might be going on.

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