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Governor Doyle signs global climate agreement

Los Angeles (WKOW) -- from WI Governor:  Governor Jim Doyle signed an historic Global Climate Solutions Declaration with national and international leaders at the Governors' Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles Wednesday. 

  World leaders signing the joint declaration agreed to pursue collaborative action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create opportunities to grow green economies.  

  The declaration will help advance efforts being undertaken by national governments for the next global agreement on climate change.

  "We must continue to boldly pursue climate change strategies that spur innovation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Wisconsin," Governor Doyle said.  "This historic global agreement and President-Elect Obama's leadership will bring the United States into the world on this issue. By working together with global partners, we will develop climate change strategies that will save us money, create jobs, help secure our world and improve our air and water."

  The agreement signatories resolved to act quickly to address the impacts of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in high-impact sectors, advance mutually-beneficial actions such as technology transfer and best-practice sharing, and pursue mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

  In addition, the climate agreement promises to increase investments and grow economies based on technology and research focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change. 

  Finally, the agreement pledges to foster greater climate change information exchange to build a stronger academic knowledge base, and accelerate the development of climate change monitoring and reporting programs.

  In addition, yesterday Governor Doyle signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between U.S. and foreign states focused on reducing the climate impact of deforestation. 

  The MOU was signed by the states of California, Illinois, and Wisconsin and four Brazilian states and two Indonesian provinces. 

  Collectively, the six international states and provinces contain over half of the world's tropical rainforests. 

  The MOU - the first of its kind - represents a commitment to sharing best practices and forging a relationship to ensure forests are sustainably managed by sharing research and information regarding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by: preserving and restoring forests, promoting reforestation, and improving forest management practices. 

  The MOU also commits to jointly develop a plan to verify and include forestry projects that improve carbon sequestration in U.S. cap and trading systems under development and develop a Joint Action Plan by early 2009 to monitor progress.

  Governor Doyle co-hosted the Governors' Global Climate Summit, which was held in Los Angeles on November 18 and 19. 

  This international summit, hosted by Governor Schwarzenegger of California brought together world leaders to develop creative, collaborative actions to advance the global climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that will be negotiated in Poland in December and in Copenhagen next year.  

  The Governors' summit also provided an opportunity for states and provinces to partner to reduce emissions and grow green economies.

  Since coming into office, Governor Doyle has worked to develop climate change strategies at the regional and international level. 

  Governor Doyle has made clean energy and energy independence top priorities of his administration.

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