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UPDATE: Father left notes before killing son; 911 call released


Madison (WKOW) -- At some point Tuesday morning Madison police believe Ryan Dutter, the man who shot and killed his 12-year-old son Kyle and then himself, Called 9 1-1 himself.

His voice- very calm and collected.

This is the 911 call:

"911 what's the address of the emergency, hi, Haen Family Park in Madison, Haen Family Park, there's a dead guy in a black jeep."

"I'm sorry, what's the address of the emergency?"

That's where the call ends. With a hang up. The dispatcher called right back, but no one answered.

Police later found the bodies of Ryan Dutter and his son young Kyle at a Madison West Side Park.

Kyle died that day and his father Ryan Dutter, the next day at a local hospital.

When police searched the SUV and Dutter's apartment, they found letters addressed to friends and family.

"The notes deduced this was a murder suicide," says Madison Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain.

Police wouldn't tell us what exactly was in the notes, but did say it lacked a key element in the tragic case, motive.

"The notes do indicate there is going to be this murder suicide but they do not tell us why and because the father passed we may never know why he did what he did," DeSpain says.

Police say they are close to wrapping up their investigation, but that doesn't mean the family will get much closure.

"We would like to know and the family would like to know and the community would like to know why a father would shoot his young son," DeSpain says.

Police would not say how many letters there were, but do say there were a couple. None of them were sent out.



Madison (WKOW) --  A Madison police official said Ryan Dutter left behind notes which helped confirm he killed his twelve year son, and then himself.

   Dane County's 911 communications center has also released the audio of the 911 call which notified authorities of the Nov. 18 incident involving Dutter and his son, Kyle.   Authorities believe the emergency call was placed by Ryan Dutter. 

   "There's a dead guy in a black jeep,"  a calm voice tells a dispatcher before the call disconnects.

   Watch 27 News at 5, 6, 6:30, and 10 p.m. to hear the complete recording.    

   In a news release, without quoting from Dutter's writings, spokesman Joel DeSpain stated Dutter left behind "a couple notes that have helped establish this as a murder/suicide."

   Authorities said Dutter shot his son, sixth grader Kyle Dutter, and then himself inside an SUV which was parked on Madison's west side.   Dutter, 36, had no criminal record, but a considerable history of financial problems, including a home foreclosure filing.   Kyle Dutter, a student at Glacier Creek Middle School in Cross Plains, was autistic, with other developmental disabilities.   Ryan Dutter was divorced from Laura Dutter, Kyle's mother who lives in Beloit.   Middleton Police records indicate issues related to custody of the child remained contentious.

   DeSpain stated the father's notes still leave questions.   "The notes do not shed definitive light on any clear motive for the violence."

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