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911 call from Sun Prairie home goes unanswered


SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- A Sun Prairie man says he called 911 Wednesday night, but all he heard was ringing.

Aaron Wells was coming home a little after six o'clock when he said he saw a car pull up on the curb near his house. A man got out and started heading for his house.

"The guy made a dead sprint, dead - I mean it looked like he was coming straight for my house," said Wells.

Wells said the motion sensors kicked on and the man ran away. Wells was still concerned enough to want to notify law enforcement. He first dialed a non-emergency number and was directed to call 911.

"Which I couldn't understand why am I calling 911 over something this mediocre, but I did it anyways," explained Wells.

When Wells called 911 on his cell phone, the call went to the Dane County 911 Center. He said the phone rang at least seven times before he hung up. He then called the Sun Prairie police directly.

Sun Prairie police say they dispatched an officer to the scene, but he didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, about five minutes after he hung up on 911, Wells said the center called him back.

"I said no offense, but a phone shouldn't ring seven times when I'm calling 911," explained Wells. He then hung up.

The Dane County 911 Center says it is aware of the incident and is conducting a review. However it is too early for it to answer any specific questions about the case.

However, the center says generally it is satisfied with its pickup time.

"About 95 percent of the calls that come in for service are picked up in three rings or less," stated Kathy Krusiec, interim 911 center director.

The center was recently underwent scrutiny over how it handled a call made by Brittany Zimmerman the night she was murdered. When she called, the dispatcher apparently did not hear anything and hung up. Krusiec explained the center has been making improvements since then.

"We have most certainly alerted all of the call takers and dispatchers that calls that are coming in, if there is any, any doubt in their mind and that public safety is at risk that they will have an immediate dispatch of those calls," explained Krusiec.

Krusiec said the center is determined to figure out what happened with Wells' call Wednesday night. "We want to provide the absolute best service that we possible can and when we have concerns we want to take all the time that's necessary to make sure that everything is being done to provide that high level of service," stated Krusiec.

However, Wells is not convinced.

"I mean if this was a robbery I could have been dead," stated Wells.

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