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Victim's sister says father revealed nothing before shootings


Beloit (WKOW) -- In an interview with 27 News, the sister of twelve year old shooting victim Kyle Dutter said her father, Ryan Dutter, showed no signs that he was capable of killing her brother and then himself. 

   "No, nothing,"  Kimberly Dutter, 18, told 27 News during a telephone interview.

   Dutter, a freshman at Utah State University, is with her mother and family members in Beloit in the wake of Tuesday's shooting in Madison.   Authorities said Ryan Dutter, 36,  shot and killed Kyle Dutter and then fatally shot himself, as father and son sat in a SUV parked at a westside park.   Authorities said Ryan Dutter left behind notes on his intentions, but the notes included no clear motive.

   "I don't think anybody ever could be prepared for something like this,"  Kimberly Dutter told 27 News.

   Dutter said it's difficult to describe the depth of her loss over her brother's death.   Kyle Dutter was in sixth grade at a Cross Plains middle school.   Dutter had autism and was receiving treatment for seizures and physical and developmental challenges.

   "He was my life,"  Kimberly Dutter said.

   Dutter said Kyle bowled, rode horses, and seemed always willing to try new activities, despite his challenges.   Kyle Dutter was receiving medical care for a number of conditions.

   "He was constantly making a little bit of progress,"  his sister said.

   Kyle and Kimberly Dutter's parents were divorced, and Kyle lived primarily with his father and his father's girlfriend in Middleton, while Kimberly had been lived with her mother.   Kimberly Dutter told 27 News while the cost of her brother's medical care was a financial challenge, her mother placed the highest priority on making sure that care was possible.

   "We would have done anything, no matter how much it really would have cost."

   Dutter said her contact with her father was limited since she left for school in Utah.   Ryan Dutter had financial troubles, including filing for home foreclosure, money judgments against him, and losing jobs.   Kimberly Dutter said she was not aware of whether her brother's condition strained her father's finances.

   Middleton Police records indicate Ryan Dutter considered the custody arrangement difficult.   Three months before the shootings, he called officers to document what he believed could have been child abuse on the part of his former wife.

   Kimberly Dutter said while at school, she stayed in touch with Kyle through web-cam connections between her dorm room in Logan, Utah and her mother's house in Beloit.

   Dutter told 27 News she has not decided when she will return to school, as she relies on her mother for strength as they cope with grief.  

   Dutter told 27 News her brother touched many lives with his spirit, courage and warmth. 

   "He just loved everybody." 


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