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Parents fined for disorderly conduct on school bus


JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A bus driver in the Milton School District called the police after a confrontation with two parents inside the school bus.

The driver says when he pulled up to a stop at Braxton Drive in Janesville, Richard and Stacy Walsh got on the bus and started harrassing him and the students.

Richard Walsh says his son had called him from the bus and said he was being bullied and the driver wasn't doing anything about it.

Stacy Walsh explained when they heard that they felt "anger and frustration because we've experienced this before. that's why we decided to meet him out there and see for ourselves what happened as opposed to leaving it up to the bus company or the school."

When the bus pulled up, the two parents got on and started asking the driver questions.

"'Do you know that my son got hurt on your bus today?' And he said 'yes'. And I said 'do you know who did it?' And he said 'no.' So my question then was, 'why not?'" explained Stacy.

Stacy's son pointed out the boy who was picking on him.

"Once he told me his name, I said thank you very much, I will be meeting you at your house to discuss things with your parents," said Stacy.

While that was going on her husband and the driver were in a heated exchange and they both tried to contact the police. The driver tried to lock them in the bus, but Stacy says she reached over him and hit the button to open the door.

When the police arrived Stacy and Richard Walsh were fined for disorderly conduct.

Riteway Bus Company would not comment about the incident, but was reviewing it with the Milton School District on Friday.

Bernard Nikoley, Milton superintendent, said the district's "very concerned about everyone's safety. We have taken steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. We're very confident that the bus is safe, that this is an isolated incident."

Nikoley said the district would look at whether the Walsh's son was bullied, but his main concern was with the parents getting on the bus without permission and causing a scene.

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