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Greyhound passenger robbed off West Washington

Madison (WKOW) -- from Madison PD:  Early Friday morning, a Milwaukee man said he got off of a Greyhound bus at Bedford Street and West Washington Avenue around 12:30 a.m.

  He says he started walking when he came upon a couple of guys.

  The passenger decided to ask them for some directions.

  He says the first man agreed to help, claiming he had a GPS system in his car.

  The three men started walking north on Bedford - presumably toward this car.

  The victim says the next thing he knew #1 had pulled a gun and asked for his cash.

  He says the robbers went through his pockets and stole his money.

  The first perpetrator is described as a Latino male, roughly 5'6", with long dark hair, wearing a green letter jacket with white sleeves that had some type of lettering on it, and a black skullcap.

  The second perpetrator is described as a black male, roughly 5'10", wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and brown Timberland boots.

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