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Finding the right babysitter


So you and your spouse need a night out together, but what about the kids?

There is no doubt that finding a baby sitter you can trust, can be a dilema for parents.

Janet Banister uses a babysitter a few times a month.

Her kids are all under the age of nine, so she's pretty picky when it comes to hiring one.

Experts say that's the right attitude to have.

Certified Babysitting Instructor Tracey Flowers says, "I definitely think parents should have no hesitation in asking, you know, how many jobs the babysitter's had, what ages of the children that they have had experience with, hands on. What are their certifications?"

She suggests conducting your own interview.

Ask for references and if you're feeling uncomfortable about the sitter, go with your gut.

"How would you handle anything else? You're not gonna, if you've got that gnawing hesitation, then maybe this isn't the right babysitter.", says Flowers.

Since Janet's children are young, she does some extra prep work before her sitter arrives.

"The food is already cooked and ready to serve or I feed them. I have them bathed before the babysitter comes over.", says Banister.

Leaving a checklist for the babysitter is also important.

Include things like contact names and numbers, instructions about your children's routines, and even fill out and leave an emergency medical consent form.

Having these precautions in place can give you peace of mind while you're away from home.

Experts say parents should also look at a potential babysitters energy level.

If there's not a lot of excitement during an initial meeting, chances are there won't be much excitement when they're watching your children either.

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