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Babysitter safety courses


Madison (WKOW) -- Hiring a babysitter can be stressful.   

You're putting the care and safety of your child in the hands of another person.

Would the person you hire know what to do if your child choked or got injured?

The truth is many babysitters would not know how to handle those situations.

That's part of the reason Mayo Clinic is teaming up with the national, non-profit organization called Safe Sitter.

The Safe Sitter course teaches babysitters how to keep the kids they're caring for safe.

For many kids, babysitting is one of the first jobs they'll ever have.

This course teaches kids how to do that job right.

Safety Expert Sharon Nunns says, "When you accept a babysitting job, you're accepting responsibility for that child's life. So you basically have to be like a body guard."

She says the key to successful babysitting is to prevent bad things from happening by being prepared.

During the course, students are given an extensive manual.

It contains everything they need.

A place to jot down emergency phone numbers, bedtime routines, parent-approved snacks and more.

It also includes information kids learn in class, such as how to talk to adults effectively and how to dress appropriately.

How to feed a baby.

How to handle different types of injuries, when to call 911 and when to use the heimlich hug.

At the end of the class students take tests to demonstrate what they've learned.

But the real test comes on the day of their first babysitting job.

The Safe Sitter program was started by a pediatrician who saw the need for babysitting training after a child she knew died while in the care of a sitter.

In addition to the safe sitter program, you can also check with your local red cross organization.

They also offer baby sitting courses.

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