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After the floods: The Flood Zone shows how a community can triumph over devastation


ROCK SPRINGS (WKOW) -- In June, buildings and homes in downtown Rock Springs were completely under water.

Today, the aftermath is still evident.

Edward Buck has just started gutting the building he owns.

"My goal is by the end of the year to have these two apartments re-rented," Buck says.

He is only one of very few who decided to rebuild.

Kim Alwin and her fiancé Kevin Rose own the bar/restaurant across the street.

The flooding is still a fresh memory in their minds.

"It was unbelievable and I can't believe that it got as bad as it did," Alwin says.

They say the real nightmare came after the flood waters receded.

"When you would walk in, you would slip on the mud- there was mud three quarters up the wall- everything- the pool tables the machines, covered in mud," Alwin says.

And the stench.

"Sewage smell that you didn't want to be around for too long," says Alwin,"it was pretty overwhelming."

Nothing inside could be saved. Alwin and her fiancé have flood insurance but knew the money wouldn't be enough to rebuild.

Still, they did anyway.

"Everybody was missing everybody, we're our own little family, for us not to re-open would have been a huge loss- mentally for everybody," Alwin says.

And the community returned the favor.

"Everybody helped everybody. Everybody helped us with the bar, then we would help them with their houses. There was constant activity here in the village after the floods," Alwin says.

Now, everything from the pool tables to the kitchen are new.

Now the flood zone features pictures of the flooding that took over Rock Springs in June on the walls.

Alwin calls the pictures and the new bar name constant reminders of how this community pulled together to help one another through one of the worst floods in decades.

"Coming in here everyday is a reminder of what we had and what we are now. I don't think I will ever forget and I don't think the locals will forget either," Alwin says.

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