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After the floods: Homeowner rebuilds, but costs set her back

Rock Springs (WKOW) -- Pam Yanke used to have neighbors.

"Everyone on this side of the street.. is gone, we are the only ones left," Yanke says.

Many of them moved away. After the devastating floods in June put their homes and much of downtown Rock Springs underwater, many couldn't afford to rebuild.

"Looking back year- it was awful, no one thought it would get as bad as it did," Yanke says.

Also a volunteer firefighter. Yanke helped evacuate some of her neighbors.

She recalls the experience as surreal- and overwhelming.

"I remember walking down the street with weighers on but it didn't matter because the water was above them," Yanke says.

In the midst of all the chaos she remembers checking on her own home and found water pouring into the basement.

She didn't think the water would get past the lower level, but the floods proved her wrong.

The damage was extensive.

Flooring and drywall had to be gutted, and items like kitchen appliances, clothing and beds had to be thrown away.

Yanke's home is still under construction. The stairs are still being worked on, but the entire kitchen is finished.

But along with the new cabinets and appliances are a new set of bills.

"We were lucky to have enough equity and have FEMA help and the sba loan to get us back. Again we're back to where we started eight years ago, but at least we still have our house," Yanke says.

In order to pay them off Yanke and her husband are looking for second jobs.

Like Yanke, the entire community of Rock Springs is still trying to recover.

After looking back on the nightmare of five months ago, Yanke is looking forward. Hoping for a brighter drier future.

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