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Searching for Christmas trees


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- Some people kicked off the holiday season looking for Christmas trees along the countryside and on city lots.

Among the thousands of fraser furs, balsams, scotch pines and spruces, the Sawyers family is scouting the forest for the perfect Christmas tree.

After a few minutes, they found one to take back to Stoughton.

"It's a family tradition -- we always cut down our own tree," said Samantha Sawyers. "It's really fun to just do it with your family, to have fun picking it out."

Dozens of people at Hann's Farm outside of Oregon cut down their own as well, forming a makeshift Christmas tree parade.

"They also have all the memories that are tied into that tree," said owner Greg Hann. "Maybe the tree didn't start off perfect when they cut it down. It's all of the emotion that gets tied up into having a real tree in your house."

That sentimental connection means business is good for tree sellers.

"We are up over 20 percent from the past year, we sell trees all over the United States, and people are very optimistic," said Bill Tate, owner of Tate's Tree Company.

Customers at Tate's East Towne Mall lot found fresh cut trees with the convenience of city shopping. Nikki and Josh Jackson had specific criteria.

"A lot of it is based on smell, according to my husband," said Nikki.

Josh said, "It's all about smell. They have a couple of varieties here. This is the balsam -- it smells totally great -- it fills the house with a great aroma. It's a really attractive tree. It's really robust."

Average price for the christmas trees varied from 25 dollars to 100 dollars.

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