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Lake Delton's rebirth


Lake Delton (WKOW) -- Beginning Dec. 3, the more than two hundred acres of dry lake bed in Lake Delton will begin to take on water.

   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources water specialist Andy Morton told 27 News the process of refilling the flood-ravaged Lake Delton could be completed by Feburary.

   "That depends alot on mother nature, in terms of snow melt, rain water, and the freeze and thaw cycle, and the inflow of Dell Creek,"  Morton said.   Morton said water from nearby Dell Creek will be routed to Lake Delton through manipulation of the gates of a dam.

   On June 9, surging flood water breeched Lake Delton's shoreline, collaping expensive lakefront homes and hurling them in the torrent of water, washing away a large section of adjacent county highway A, and draining the entire lake.

   "The first month after was devastating,"  Sunset Bay Resort executive Dawn Baker told 27 News.

   Baker said after five months of reduced business and peering at the wasteland of a dry lake dotted by stumps, weeds and debris, the beginning of filling Lake Delton is a welcome development.

   "Everybody pulled together and they just got it done."

   Federal, state, and local officials, businesspeople and others teamed up to shorten the lake's restoration time frame, and also fix and reopen the damaged highway.

   Morton estimated $10 million was spent on the projects.

   Morton said in conjunction with filling the lake, lake water will be chemically treated to kill off carp and other rough fish in order to give Lake Delton a better chance to return to its status as one of the best spots for game fishing.  

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