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Over the limit, under arrest

MADISON (WKOW) -- Sheriff's deputies in Dane and Rock Counties worked overtime this Thanksgiving weekend to keep roads safe for travel. And with no major tragedies to report, they say the extra help is paying off.

Snow and wind weren't the only road hazards people dealt with over the holiday weekend. Dane County Sheriff's Deputies arrested 15 drunk drivers Wednesday thru Sunday -- two of which were involved in car crashes.

The arrests came despite fewer travelers on the highways.

"You can say that traffic volumes and patterns are down, but unfortunately the violators are still out there," said Sgt. R.J. Lurquin.

Dane County put five extra officers on patrol thanks to a $25,000 Department of Transportation grant.

"Anytime we can get extra deputies out, it's a safety issue for the whole community," Lurquin said. "So, that's obviously a plus. The education is, we do press releases, we let people know we're going to be out there, and hopefully that will deter their behavior from drinking and driving."

Sunday's weather didn't make enforcement any easier. But drivers say the commute could have been a lot worse.

"Considering how bad it was, I didn't see anybody in the ditch -- which was pretty surprising because it was icy," said Chester Wolf of Madison, who said it took two hours to get from Green Bay to Oshkosh.

"There was so much stopping and starting," said Mary McKenzie of Madison. "It wasn't really fast or anything."

Said Sgt. Lurquin, "Overall we were pretty lucky, although we did respond to slide-offs and road condition calls. But, fortunately we didn't have anything major occur."

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