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Controlling cravings over the holidays

Madison (WKOW) -- Controlling food cravings can be difficult during the holidays.

  In this Medical Minute, we look at one woman trying to control her cravings and an eating disorder.

  Kris shock spent most of her adolescence and early adulthood struggling with bulimia and an addiction to diet pills.

  Now in recovery, she approaches the holidays and all that food with a bit of trepidation.

  Kris said, "I always keep in mind that relapse is potentially possible if I don't do the right things every day."

  The right thing, according to some eating disorder experts, is figuring out how to navigate holiday social pressures.

  This time of year we hear so much anxiety and stress coming up about where are we going for the holidays, who is going to be there, and who is going to be looking at how much one weighs.

  Having trusted family members or friends around for support can be crucial, especially at parties.

  Take someone with you who is safe to whom you can say, "this is really tough for me, I need to take a break."

  In Kris' case, she also tries to pare down her holiday plans and find pleasure in the simple things.

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