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Madison cyclist beaten over bike light argument

Madison (WKOW) -- from Madison PD:  The Madison Police are looking for a couple after they reportedly beat a Madison resident over an argument about bike lights.

  On November 26th, the Madison Police responded to a home near Lakeside Street after a bicycle ridert attacked another cyclist.

  The victim told police the conflict started as he was biking along South Shore Drive.

  He says someone from behind notified him that he would be passing on the left.

  The victim moved over and a man and a woman biked past.

  As they did, the victim said, "Get a light."

  The man turned and asked what he just said, and the victim once again suggested, "Get a light."

  The man and woman then yelled loudly at the victim, telling him to to mind his own business.

  The victim told police that the man even tried to run him off of the road.

  The couple followed the victim to the driveway of his home where the argument went on.

  The female said that the victim seemed to have plenty of lights and asked for one.

  The victim handed one over, and said at that point he did not feel threatened.

  However, the victim said the woman's companion was still upset about the original comment and proceeded to clamp his hands around the victim's head.

  He twisted the victim to the ground, and kneed him in the ribs.

  The victim says he last saw the two cyclists peddling down South Shore Drive.

  The first perpetrator is described as a white male, white, roughly 6', wearing a dark colored jacket, and riding a Trek Time Trial bike with front-style handlebars.

  The second perpetrator is described as a white female, roughly 5'4", riding an Orbea Road bike with orange on the front.

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