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Big heroin bust in Marquette County

Christel R. Jerome Christel R. Jerome
Claudine S. Maltais Claudine S. Maltais
Michael A. Mathewson Michael A. Mathewson
Shawn M. Powell Shawn M. Powell

Montello (WKOW) -- from Marquette County Sheriff:  A car chase in November ended with four Wisconsin residents facing jail time for dealing heroin.

  On November 26th, the Marquette County Sheriff's Department and Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force had investigated the drug operations going on in the county and converged on four people operating in the Village of Endeavor.

  After a short car chase, they arrested 30-year-old Christel R. Jerome of Grand Marsh, 37-year-old Michael A. Mathewson of Wisconsin Rapids, 20-year-old Shawn M. Powell of Adams, and 35-year-old Claudine S. Maltais of Wisconsin Rapids.

  The Marquette County Sheriff said that they seized over an ounce of heroin individually wrapped in half-gram packages.

  The sheriff believes that the amount of heroin siezed in the arrest was substantial and will make an impact on the amount of drugs not only in Marquette County, but other counties in central Wisconsin as well.

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