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Boys & Girls Club Future

BARABOO (WKOW) -- Staff members at the Boys and Girls Club in Baraboo are dealing with an influx of kids, and a cash-strapped budget -- it's not the first time they've had money trouble.

The Boys and Girls Club just reopened in February after financial problems forced it to close last year.

Survival now depends on raising half of the $172,000 budget.

"Last October we were seeing 85 and 90 youth a day. This year we're averaging -- that's not our highs and lows -- we're averaging 133 youth every single day," said Sarah Resch, Executive Director.

Some days, nearly 150 kids fill the classrooms, recreation rooms, art studio, and gymnasium. Staff members attribute the increase to quality of services and the economy.

"I think it's a cost effective option after school," Resch said. "In many ways, the kids who need us most are the kids that are in the low income bracket, but that's not always the case. We have kids in some very high income brackets whose parents are very supportive of the club who still need the club and the service that we offer."

Staff members say they're grateful for donations, and are campaigning for more. On top of raising half of next year's budget, they're losing $20,000 from Sauk County. Kids we spoke with don't want to see the club close again.

"A lot of different kids come here," said Josilyn Ayuso, 6th grader. "I've made a lot of friends here over the years. I don't want to stop coming here. I like it a lot here."

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