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New Study says doctors in training need more sleep


Madison (WKOW) -- Five years ago The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education capped hours for residents at 80 hours a week, and limited shifts to 30 hours with a 10 hour break for sleep.

But new recommendations from The Institute of Medicine say in order to insure safety and quality of work, residents should get a five hour sleep break after working 16 hours.

Dr. Johnson says he has adjusted to the long hours, but says catching a couple extra winks would definitely benefit both residents and patients.

"Obviously anytime you could get more rest in a shift, I think you know from a stand point it will make your life outside work easier. Patient care better and you can think more clearly," Johnson says.

Residencies can last anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the specialty.

The UW hospital follows the current ACGME guidelines and say that if that medical board approves the new recommendations then they will decide at that time whether to implement the rules.

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