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Two teens harass, attack woman on Madison bus

Tyra Cherry Tyra Cherry
Rosalind Harrison Rosalind Harrison

Madison (WKOW) -- from Madison PD:  Tuesday afternoon, the Madison Police responded to a Madison Metro bus that was stopped at the 400 block of State Street.

  The driver pulled over after a heated argument erupted between a woman and two teens on board the bus.

  The driver feared the dispute was going to turn physical, and with her bus nearly full, she made the decision to pull over and call for help.

  The 53-year-old victim was still on board and she explained this began when a man, who was using a cane to assist in his movement, got on the bus.

  She says she called out for someone to relinquish an upfront seat for the man.

  The teens - who were just behind her - began yelling for the woman to mind her own business.

  The victim claims they repeatedly used obscenities at her, and she responded by calling them brats.

  The situation escalated until the victim decided to get her camera out and photograph the teens with hopes of reporting them.

   One teen struggled to gain control of the camera, and after having done so, threw it to the floor.

  The victim suffered a slight finger cut during the scuffle.

  This was about the time the bus driver decided to stop.

  The teens were later found walking on State Street and arrested.

  One had a knife in her bag, the other a large hammer.

  Both said they carried the weapons for personal protection, and at no time did they intend to use them on the victim.

  After police caught them, they arrested 17-year-old Tyrea Louise Cherry of Fitchburg and tentatively charged her with Battery, Disorderly Conduct, and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

  They also arrested 17-year-old Rosalind Marie Harrison of Fitchburg and tentatively charged her with Disorderly Conduct and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

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