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Couples staying together because of poor economy


UNDATED (AP) -- Imagine getting divorced, but then having to keep living with your ex, because neither of you can afford to move.

  Judges and divorce lawyers say it's a situation more and more couples are dealing with, amid the recession and the collapse of the housing market.

  A Denver couple, David Snyder and Nancy Partridge, were married for six years.

  They divorced, but they've had to live together for months because they can't sell their house or afford to set up separate households.

  A Florida couple divorced after 13 years in August.

  They're still living on the same property -- she in the main house, he in a separate one-bedroom apartment.

  They rarely cross paths, and still communicate mostly through their lawyers.

  They even negotiate laundry days.

  Sometimes, divorcing couples get a look at the financial implications of a divorce and decide to give the marriage another try.

  A divorce mediator in Minnesota says one of his couples decided to "work a little harder" at staying together.

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