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Michael Johnson announces his candidacy for city council in District 8

Photo courtesy Phil Ejercito Photo courtesy Phil Ejercito

Madison (WKOW) -- from Michael Johnson campaign:  Madison Area Technical College (MATC) student and community activist Michael Johnson is launching a campaign for city council in Madison's District 8.

  Michael is a determined student activist who has worked to bring the voices of local residents to their government, as exemplified through his continued solidarity with Madison's immigrant communities and his commitment to tenant rights.

  "I believe that students demand an unabashedly progressive representative for their unabashedly progressive district, someone who will fight to ensure that student concerns-from tenant rights to public safety-are brought to the forefront," says Michael.

  As co-founder of Student Progressive Dane, Michael has utilized political activism to mobilize students around key community issues, while simultaneously working with legislative representatives to turn that activism into real progressive change.

  Michael was also involved in the discussions concerning Porch Light and the future of the Truman-Olsen Army Center on Madison's south side, working with the city to effectively address concerns about homelessness.

  "I believe that those who are forgotten, oppressed, and otherwise marginalized, along with those who care about the well-being of the City of Madison demand an unapologetic advocate for justice and dignity-an advocate who can take his experience from the streets to the halls of power, to ensure a more equitable community for all of Madison's residents," asserts Michael.

  Leonard Taylor, President of the UW-Madison National Pan-Hellenic Council, also said, "I think it is great that a student is running, especially a student of color, as diversity is a important issue in this District, and in the Madison community. I am confident that Michael will be a great representative, not just of student residents or student of color residents, but the entire Eighth District community, and that he will approach the position without bias, and work to ensure a fair and equitable Madison."

  Michael has strengthened his activist and leadership skills by organizing for the rights of workers, marching to defend immigrants against legal harassment, and protesting against what he perceives as omnipresent racism in the Madison community.

  He has assisted University of Wisconsin-Madison's Campus Antiwar Network with mobilizing students to protest the Republic National Convention.

  Michael served as one of the core organizations in the coalition of student groups who rallied against the Dane County Sheriff's policies regarding undocumented immigrants.

  Megan Sallomi, Director of the Wisconsin Union Directorate Society and Politics Committee says, "Michael Johnson has the initiative, leadership, and dedication necessary to advocate for the needs of his constituents. Michael is the progressive leader we need, so I strongly support him for Alderman of the Eighth District."

  To best serve District 8, Michael has laid out a platform that focuses on Tenant Rights, Social Justice, Economic Justice, and Environmental Responsibility.

  This four-prong platform will address the most pressing needs facing Madison, particularly District 8, such as passing a Domestic Partnership Benefits Ordinance, advocating for a Paid Sick Leave Referendum to protect the health and safety of workers, and increasing the city's progress toward environmental responsibility by backing stronger green building requirements.

  Wyndham Manning, Dane County Supervisor for the District 5, remarks, "I look to the person who holds this position to be my ally in city governance, and an ally is what I have found in Michael Johnson. We share common ideals and values; affordable housing and tenants rights, environmental stewardship and sustainable development, social and economic justice and progressive public safety initiatives. Many of these needs extend beyond just the city limits into Dane County and Wisconsin as a whole. He shares my passion, my enthusiasm and my dedication for moving Madison forward."

  Michael is committed to using the two-fold approach of organizing and working within the legislative process to make the substantive change that Madison needs.

  Michael explains, "My vision for District 8 is one that merges grassroots activism with a progressively legislative agenda, which produces a more livable and just community. When organized, student power is a force that can enable transformational progress in the Madison community."

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