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Teaching kids the importance of giving


Madison (WKOW) -- The season of giving is upon us, and experts say it's the perfect time of year to teach your kids the importance of giving, either through donations or volunteering.

Each week Carl Yde loads up his car with meals to deliver to seniors.

But this week he's not alone.

His daughter Lola and son Donald are along for the ride.

They're helping dad deliver Meals On Wheels through Home Health United.

Carl says, "I like them to know what volunteering is all about, that it does us just as much, if not more good than it does the people we're helping."

When they're not in school carl tries to involve his kids.

That's something Kathy Martinson of the United Way of Dane County says is important.

"Studies have shown that when kids volunteer, be it through school or with family, or on their own, they continue to do it into adulthood, because it becomes part of their fabric, who they are.", says Martinson.

She says kids can get involved in a number of ways, through an organization like the United Way, or simply by helping a neighbor shovel their sidewide or baking cookies for the elderly.

If they love animals, they could volunteer to walk the animals at the humane society.

But whatever they do, Martinson says involve the child in the decision making process.

"That helps them develop some good skills, and makes them feel important in the family, and then they are more likely to to want to do it, because they were part of the decision making process."

By volunteering together Carl Yde knows he's teaching his kids a life long lesson.

As for Lola, she knows she's helping others, but that's not the only reason she enjoys going door to door.

"I just get to spend some time with my dad", says Lola

Quality family time together, just another reason this family feels so good about helping others.

The United Way helps make volunteering easy for kids and their families.

This year's Holiday Wish Book is out.

It's basically a one stop shop for volunteer resources.

It lists agencies and volunteer opportunities for kids and adults throughout the holiday season.

It also contains specific requests that agencies have made for items like toys, coats, clothing, old computers and more.

And one more note, experts say in order for the habit to stick, it's important to keep your kids interested in giving beyond the holidays.

If you would like to deliver Meals on Wheels, you can call Home Health United at 608-276-7582.

Or you can send an email to sbaker@hhuvns.org.

To find the United Way's Holiday Wish Book, you can simply call 211, or go to their website, which is listed above on this page.

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