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Big Three's latest plea


Washington, D.C. (ABC) -- A forward-moving plan to help out America's ailing auto industry appears to be stuck in the mud.

  CEOs from Detroit's Big 3 are back on Capitol Hill Friday, urging Congress to fast-track a rescue. 

  Pulling up again in alternative fuel cars, the Big 3 CEOs are retreading their plea to house lawmakers for a $34 billion dollar lifeline. 

  The plans to turn around the sinking auto industry include slashing payrolls and executive pay, and developing more fuel efficient vehicles.

  House members are split on a bailout.

  Representative Don Manzullo (R-IL) said, "we need to encourage Americans to buy cars again! And that is not in any of your plans!"

  Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) added, "for us to do nothing would be a disaster."

  If Washington is to save the auto industry, political leaders need to agree on a source of funding for a possible rescue package.

  Congressional Democrats say the White House must use money from the $700 billion dollar financial industry bail out.

  But the White House remains reluctant, saying Congress should use the $25 billion dollars already allocated, not to make greener cars, but to save the car makers.

  President Bush said, "it's important that Congress acts next week. And tax payers get paid back."

  While the political wrangling in Washington continues, many Americans say the collapse of the auto industry would devastate them along with an already battered economy. 

  As U.S. auto sales continue to plummet, GM announced more lay offs Friday.

  2,000 more factory workers are expected to lose their jobs early next year.

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