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Lodi students return to Wisconsin


LODI (WKOW) -- A group of Lodi High School students stranded in Thailand is safe at home in Wisconsin.

The nine students and three staff members were supposed to come home November 27th, but violent protests shutdown the airports in that country.

The trek home wasn't an easy one. After traveling thousands of miles across four countries, the exhausted students and staff are elated to be home.

"It was incredible," said student Shea Love. "The nation's just incredible as a whole. The people are so helpful, so respectful. Everybody just wants to help you out. Everybody's there for you."

When the 9 students and 3 staff members were ready to head home, protests in Thailand shut down the airports, and they were stranded amid political turmoil, but say they still felt safe.

"I wasn't scared because I knew we were away from the danger and everything, but there's a part of me that's excited to know politically, there's a lot of history going on," said student Maxwell Love.

"They were very nice," said student Lisa Council. "They always made sure we were doing okay and that we had contact with home if we needed to."

"I know some people were really distraught because the missed their families a lot," said Shea.

Asked if they would do it all over again, students responded with a unanimous yes.

"It's great to be out of your comfort zone, experience a new culture, and take things from different peoples' culture," said Shea.

Right now, they're just experiencing a little climate shock, coming from tropical Thailand to a Wisconsin winter wonderland.

"There, if you weren't in the air conditioning you were dying. You were dying," Maxwell said.

Said Shea, "Oh my gosh, it's great I love snow."

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