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Ready to clear the roads


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- With ice, rain, and snow coating the roads, your commute could be treacherous Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Nearly 100 workers will drive 60 plows to keep Dane County and state roads clear.

The Highway Department says it will be scraping and salting around the clock.

The Interstate, the Beltline, and Highway 151 will get 24-hour coverage.

Other roads will be treated during a 16-hour shift.

As Dane County Public Works director Jerry Mandli put it, drivers have a full plate tonight.

"We're going to see some rain, we're gonna see snow. And the temperature by one or two degree variation could determine what we use for technique."

Snow plow drivers will spread salt, sand, and a salt brine mixture, depending on the weather.

The highway department asked travelers to help them out by keeping clear of the plows.

Stay several car lengths back, and don't try to pass a plow: they say that's an accident waiting to happen.

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