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Men hit harder in new economy


UNDATED (ABC) -- It turns out, there's a suprising battle of the sexes underway, and in this job market crisis, men and women were not created equal.

  Tammy Wynette said sometimes it's hard to be a woman.

  That is, unless you are trying to keep your job in this economy.

  Over the last year, more than four times as many men have lost their jobs than women.

  Tory Johnson said, "men have been hit harder than women because they represent greater numbers in industries that have been particularly hard hit in this economy."

  Take construction: men account for 90 percent of workers there, that field lost 500 thousand jobs the last year.

  On the flip-side, women make up 80 percent of health care, which added 400 thousand jobs.

  But it is about more than numbers, Michael Mercer lost his job after 22 years in the trucking distribution industry.

  He said, "I found it very difficult to find anything in my field at the time. it just seemed like it would be a dead end street whereever I went."

  His wife still has her job, but like so many men, it doesn't take the sting out of the fact he is no longer the breadwinner.

  Mercer added, "it was frustrating and it was scary. it was tough to realize that you could not go on and continue all that you worked for."

  The good news for men might be the next man in the White House; Barack Obama's plan for major infrastructure investment could help industries where men dominate.

  And for women, their relatively better situation might not last forever.

  The job gender bias might go away if this recession gets worse.

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