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UW junior launches bid for Madison City Council

Madison (WKOW) -- from Bryon Eagon Campaign:  University of Wisconsin-Madison student and former Obama campus organizer Bryon Eagon has announced his candidacy for the Madison city council in the 8th aldermanic district.

  Eagon, a UW junior majoring in Political Science and Communication Arts Rhetoric, has been an active student voice on campus.

  As a freshman, Eagon was elected to the Associated Students of Madison Student Council and served on the Student Services Finance Committee where he represented students and allocated funds for valuable campus services and organizations.

  The summer going into his sophomore year, Bryon traveled to Kenya where he spent nine weeks volunteering as a high school teacher in the slums of Nairobi.

  Eagon became active in campus affairs through his work with the College Democrats and was one of the founding members of the UW chapter of Students for Barack Obama (SFBO).

  UW senior Emily Fitch will serve as campaign treasurer.

  "As a result of his hard work and dedication with Students for Obama, Bryon has been able to get students more involved in the political process," said Fitch. "He takes the time to go the extra mile when people come to him with ideas, concerns or suggestions."

  Leading the charge as the Wisconsin State Coordinator of SFBO, Bryon worked full-time on the Obama campaign, serving as the Wisconsin Campaign for Change Deputy Youth Vote Director.

  "The campaign taught me how much energy and commitment are needed to organize within a community, especially on campus," says Eagon.  "Encouraging students to get involved in the political process is not just a one way process. It also involves listening directly to the concerns students have regarding their country and local communities. I believe running for Madison's Common Council is my way of continuing the bottom up reform necessary in this country by taking what I learned and having a hands-on impact, working to improve Madison and our campus community."

  As Alder, Eagon says he will follow students' concerns, not ideological pursuits, to find practical solutions to relevant issues in Madison.

   "My number one issue is working to improve student safety," affirms Eagon. "Students need to have a strong and effective advocate who will work with city government to address the safety concerns of students."

  Eagon believes that "by implementing valuable initiatives like recent strategic lighting improvements and working with police and students to expand campus neighborhood patrols, city government has a real ability to improve public safety."

  Once elected, Eagon plans to work with the city and campus to form a collaborative safety resource coalition to coordinate efforts and outreach, an effort to be proactive about safety.

  This group would lead joint efforts and direct increased outreach to students, especially by hosting regular safety forums around campus and in neighborhoods to have continuing discussions around safety, not just after an incident.

  Eagon supports a review of the Downtown Safety Initiative, adding that "We shouldn't pay thousands of dollars every year to have police run compliance checks inside bars or support undercover cops busting parties when they could be better utilized on the streets and in neighborhoods that need their presence most."

  Eagon plans to work to expand the Neighborhood Police Officer program into additional student areas including the Spring St. neighborhood in addition to maintaining the program's presence in the Langdon St. area.

  In addition to police presence, Eagon will look for ways to expand and fund neighborhood watch programs in campus neighborhoods.

  "I am running for Madison City Council because students need a passionate and pragmatic representative who will address their concerns," says Eagon. "I look forward to listening to students throughout the campaign and learning about their concerns and ideas how to best improve the Madison campus community."

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