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Local TV stations run test to prepare for digital switch


Madison (WKOW) -- The phones were ringing off the hook at a phone bank set up at The Vilas Building in downtown Madison, and they were coming from viewers who saw a warning scrolling underneath their favorite TV show Wednesday evening.

It said they were not ready for digital TV.

"Right now all TV stations are broadcasting in analog and digital. By February 17th, they will shutting that analog off," says Wisconsin Broadcasters Association President Michelle Vetterkind.

Which means if they don't make the switch by then all those viewers will be getting is static.

The busy phone lines at the phone bank showed many got the message.

Between 7 and 9 p.m. Wednesday, a team of experts from various TV stations, including WKOW-TV Channel 27, answered a variety of questions from viewers who saw the warning.

Ranging from how to get a converter box, which allows analog televisions to receive digital, to how to hook one up.

"Awareness is out there. I think the majority of the public knows something is going on and know what's going on. Now it's getting to the technical questions, I know somethings going on now what do i do?" Vetterkind says.

The test was only run on the analog signal, which means viewers who didn't see the warning are ready for the digital switch.

Still, officials hope this heads up will mean less head aches come February 17th.

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