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Economy paints grim picture for December Grads


Madison (WKOW) -- At The Union on UW's campus, stressed out students study tirelessly for their finals.

Including senior Alex Martinsons. He is graduating in a few weeks, and despite applying early, he still hasn't landed a job.

"I've had one call back and it was in D.C. but other than that, there isn't anything really turning up. So I am kind of worried about what I am going to do come January," Martinsons says.

Senior Komlan Assignon also graduates this December. He's applied for around 60 jobs and still hasn't had an offer.

"It's really hard to find a job right now. I've been looking since two months from now and it's not looking good," says Assignon.

The picture may look grim for December grads, but career advisors say, there are jobs out there.

"One of the myths is that when there is an economic downturn companies aren't hiring. That's not true. Companies are hiring, but maybe not in the numbers we are use to seeing," says Steve Schroeder of UW's School of Business Career Center.

In a recruiting trends survey conducted by Michigan State University, nearly half of around 900 companies say they will hire less this year.

The study also says at least one million jobs were cut in 2008.

Which means, students like Martinsons will be stepping into a very competitive market.

"There is an unbalance. There are more people looking than jobs available," Schroeder says.

Advisors suggest students look early and often. But most of all, they say students can't be as choosy as they have traditionally been.

Martinsons says he hopes to find something soon, because if not, he'll head back to school.

An option he says many of his fellow grads are considering.

Still the MSU survey says Graduate School may not be the answer. Because so many people are considering an MBA, experts expect that market will be flooded two years from now.

The UW has 26 career centers across campus and along with potential grads, advisors also work with alumni.

The UW will hold a career expo in February at The Kohl center for UW students and alumni.

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