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When to work out after pregnancy

Madison (WKOW) -- Many new mothers find it hard to find time to exercise or hit the gym, And some women question when they should starting working out after baby is born.

  New moms are finding creative ways to get back in shape following the birth of a baby.

  Obstetrician Michael Randell encourages his patients to exercise postpartum, but depending on the type of delivery, he tells them to take it slow.

  Doctor Randell said, "the hormones of pregnancy can affect the ligaments that support the joints and it makes it very, very relaxed. So you have to remember, you don't want to do anything that's going to increase the chance of injury."

  Randell tells patients who have vaginal deliveries with no complications to stick to mild exercises shortly after the birth.

  He added, "walking 15 minutes a day, maybe three days a week, then increasing that to maybe five days a week."

  C-section patients are told to wait six weeks before exerting themselves.

  "With a c-section, you have a surgical incision and that wound needs to heal," Doctor Randell said.

  And when it does, Randell says a good exercise program is one of the best ways to burn calories, build muscle strength and return to pre-pregnancy weight.

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