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Health care agencies making contingency plans for Friday's snow


Madison (WKOW) -- Even though it was barely 20 degrees on Madison's west side on Thursday morning, dozens of volunteers picked up their Meals on Wheels deliveries for the day.

Cold doesn't faze those folks.  But a Friday snowstorm might.

"It's a tough call," said Dane County Meals on Wheels manager Jane Snowden.  "We're choosing between delivering the meals and volunteer safety."

Snowden says Home Health United, which manages the program, might call off deliveries on Friday if the weather is too dangerous. 

They normally make 325 meals for seniors and other needy residents.  Snowden says most of their recipients typically can safely go a day without a meal from the program.

Meanwhile, medicine deliveries can't afford to take a snow day.

CareWisconsin's medicine delivery program is making contingency plans in light of snowy forecasts. 

Deliveryman Phil Chase says he doubled up his rounds on Thursday, bringing medicine and other supplies to his customers a day early just in case he can't drive on Friday.

"They rely on us, a lot," said Chase. "A lot of them don't even see anyone during the week except for us."

CareWisconsin's adult day centers will be closed on Friday. 

Thankfully, unlike medicine, companionship can afford to safely take a snow day.

CareWisconsin says it will contact patients and their families if any in-home services will be affected.

Meanwhile, 27 News learned Rock County's Meals on Wheels will not be making deliveries on Friday.

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