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Shoppers busy after snow cuts business day short

MADISON (WKOW) --Everyone had their reason for hitting the mall after one of the biggest snow storms this season.

Brian and Julie Blindt say they chose to shop today because they had to.

"This is our only day to shop and we planned something like this for a week. So we were going out no matter what was happening," Julie Blindt says.

Determined shoppers like the Blindt's are what retail stores are banking on.

John Fraiser manages Wisconsin Active Sportswear at West Towne.

He says there was a lot of concern about the storm cutting down on business.

"This happened last year We had 12 inches last year. We were a little worried but people came out early yesterday and it didn't take them long to dig out today," Fraiser says.

West Towne mall officials say the three hours lost due to the storm will impact most of their stores.

But with the increased shopping traffic Thursday and the determined shoppers Friday, officials expect that impact to be minimal.

Still, Fraiser admits this holiday shopping season has been slow.

"Every store in Madison is playing catch up," he says.

And with six shopping days left until Christmas, he and other store owners hope to see more shoppers like the Blindts, willing to brave the elements and the economy to spend.

Mall officials say many retail stores are offering the kind of deals you would expect to see after Christmas to lure more customers in.

West Towne and East Towne Malls have extended their hours tomorrow from 7am to 11pm.

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