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State moves 895 seniors out of nursing homes

Madison (WKOW) -- from Governor's Office:  Governor Jim Doyle announced Monday that 895 seniors and people with disabilities were moved out of nursing homes and institutional care in fiscal year 2008, bringing the three-year total to 2,545 people who have returned home or now receive community-based care.

  In addition, 492 more individuals were diverted from admission to a nursing home.

  Together, Governor Doyle's community relocation and diversion programs have enabled 3,037 people to live successfully in the community since fiscal year 2006.

  "These programs have helped improve the quality of life for more than 3,000 people by giving them the opportunity to live in the community, be near family and friends, and be more involved in local activities," Governor Doyle said.  "Not only are we giving more people the opportunity to live independently, but we are also saving taxpayers money."

  In fiscal year 2008, Governor Doyle's community relocation and nursing home division programs saved taxpayers a total of $4 million by serving individuals in the community rather than institutional care, according to a report sent today to the Joint Finance Committee.

  Since fiscal year 2006, a total of 2,545 people have been relocated under the Governor Doyle's community relocations program.

  Governor Doyle's program gives elders and people with physical and developmental disabilities a choice as to where they will receive their long term care, rather than receiving care in a nursing home or institution.

  People have the services they need brought to them, whether they live with family, in assisted living or in their own home.

  Governor Doyle's nursing home diversion program allows seniors and people with disabilities to receive long term care services funded by Medicaid in their community, if they are at imminent risk of going into a nursing home.

  According to Monday's report, 183 individuals who were at imminent risk of entering a nursing facility in fiscal year 2008 were able to remain in community-based settings.

  The program's total diversions since fiscal year 2006 is 492.

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