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Black Friday sequel overshadows original


MADISON (WKOW) -- Day after Christmas deals try to salvage a dismal holiday shopping season.

Shoppers are used to after Christmas sales, but this year retailers were trying a new marketing twist, calling the day after Christmas, "Black Friday Two."

At West Towne Mall in Madison on Friday, the gimmick seemed to work. The mall saw much larger crowds than the day after Thanksgiving, and many more people seemed to be buying things.

"I was surprised by how many people are here. Like I said, the parking lot is just jammed packed," remarked Scott Dettmann, a shopper from McFarland, who says he never goes shopping of Black Friday. Many shoppers agreed they just don't get into Black Friday.

"Everybody says it's so busy on Black Friday. I just didn't even want to come out," expressed McKenzie Havlik, another shopper from McFarland.

However, something about the sales on Black Friday Two brought out even reluctant shoppers.

"I heard about all the clearance ads. I actually did take time to read them in the newspaper yesterday, so I decided to stock up on some home goods," said Dettman. "I paid probably about a third of what you're normally pay for these things."

Many stores were offering up to 75 percent off clearance sales, hoping to unload seasonal inventory. Many retailers say this year was the worst holiday shopping season ever. Clothing sales dropped 23 percent from last year. Electronics dropped almost 27 percent.

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